Monday, 3 June 2013

Manicure Monday #5

Hello beautiful people :)
Hope you are all doing well and having a fabulous start to your week!
This is surprising because I haven't posted a Manicure Monday this early.
But today has been kind of a productive day!
Go me!
I have gone very pink and girly this week!
Pink and sparkles?
I am just loving this combination! aha!
This week I am using Sally Hensen's Bubblegum and O.P.I's Teenage Dream.
This wasn't my initial plan for this week's Manicure Monday.
I wanted to do a glitter ombre, but it just wasn't working out for me.
But I am still pleased with my nails.
The pink, itself, is very girly and the sparkles just make it even more girly and fun.
What I really like about the O.P.I polish is that there are very tiny sparkles and larger ones that provide a nice combination. 
The larger sparkles catch the light very nicely.

I've only had my nails painted for an hour and I'm spending most of my time staring at them whilst the light shines on them.
They are very feminine  and fun.
It's like a party on my nails!

Well, that's all for now!
If any of you know how I could successfully do a glitter ombre please share below, so I can try it again! :)
Hugs and Butterfly Kisses

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