Tuesday, 31 December 2013

The End of 2013

Hello beautiful people! 
Holy cow, this feels very weird.
I can't remember the last time I blogged and how much I missed it.
I know I said I would be back on the Christmas break and I kinda lied...oops.
However, I am back and if time allows me today you will see me later on!

So 2013 is ending and I am ready to welcome 2014!
Was 2013 an amazing year for me?
It had its moments. 
It was filled with many amazing memories but also a few struggles and hardships that I've had to work through and still am working through.
I'm grateful for all the memories that I've made with the amazing people in my life, but I am equally grateful for all the tough times.

I've decided to celebrate 2013 by sharing with you some of my favourite times throughout the past year.

By far the best thing that has happened to me this year is finding the bestest best friend there is.
You've heard about her before.
She's my favourite chummy, Madison.
I've known her for quite some time, but we've become so close within the best year.
I've been able to share every great and bad moment with her and I know that she'll always be there for me. 
She has the most positive and beautiful personality and it's very contagious. 
It's nice knowing that I have someone who understands everything that I'm feeling and knows how to make me feel better. She helps me work through problems and really helps me become a better person. 
I can't express how grateful I am to have her as a best friend.
I'm so excited for the many memories we'll be making this year.
I love her to the moon and back <3
love you chummy xx

The highlight of my year is definitely July 10th 2013!
(No Stephanie not because it's your birthday, you weirdo)
On July 10th, my best friend, our friend Emily and Stephanie's sister went to see One Direction in concert for our first time.
The day was just beautiful because we were also celebrating Stephanie's 19th birthday.
My love for the boys definitely grew after the TMH tour.
They truly showed how talented they are and how much they love their fans.
It's a night that I can't forget and I'm so happy I got to experience it with such amazing people!

This next memory might be a little strange, haha!
Getting my job at Harvey's...weird I know.
It was a job that I got out of desperation for money and one that no one thought I would last at.
Ha, I proved everyone wrong because I am still here!
The job isn't the most glamorous one, but it's one where I've met great people.
This job has given me a different perspective of working because all of high school I've been working at a dance studio.
I absolutely love the friendly environment that we have with the customers and each other.
Yes, there have been times where I've wanted to quit or I've had a meltdown.
But I've gotten through them because of three amazing guys that I've met there.
They have no idea that I have a blog, but I'm still going to thank them.
I have the best relationship with all 3 of them and I love working with them because they never fail to put a smile on my face.
So thank you guys <3

2013 has definitely been an experience.
One that has helped me grow as a person and know who is there when I need them.
To all the times where I've felt depressed and sad, I don't regret feeling like that because it's definitely help me become a better person.
To the boy that just shattered my heart- it sucks and I'm still getting over it. But thank you for making me realize many things about the male population and about myself.

For 2014 the only New Years resolution I will be setting is:
I want to work on my strength. Mentally I need to be a stronger person and I can't keep taking things so personally.
I'm ready to see what 2014 has in store for me.
I'm excited to be attending three concerts with my chummy.
We'll be seeing Demi and Fifth Harmony in March, Lady Gaga in June and One direction in August with Stephanie.
Whatever happens in this upcoming year, I will share with you here and I will tackle everything with positivity. 

That's all for now!
Thank you to everyone who has made my year special.
I hope you all have a fabulous New Years Eve.
Be safe if you're drinking :)
Hugs and Butterfly Kisses