Sunday, 30 March 2014

The Princess Sarah xo

Hello beautiful people :)
So it's been a long time, I know!
A lot has changed since my last post.
Everything is a lot better than it was!
I would like it to stay this way!

I've mentioned a few times about starting my own YouTube channel in addition to the collab one that I have with my best friend Stephanie (which is on hold atm because of school)
Well I have finally started my very own, solo channel!
The link above is to my channel, I would love if you went over there and subscribed! :)
I have two videos up right now!
I've filmed the Common White Girl Tag and a Reading Week Haul!
The Common White Girl Tag

Reading Week Haul

I honestly love doing this and I hope I can continue to do this!
I would love for all of your support and advice!
So please head on over and check out my videos!
I recently filmed a Get Ready With Me: Neon Lights Tour edition that will be going up either this week or next week!
I'm super excited and nervous for that one!
Maybe in the future I'll make a blog post about why I love YouTube so much, once I get more videos out there!

But in the mean time:

Hugs and Butterfly Kisses