Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Body Product Haul :)

Hello beautiful people :)
The fact that I'm doing another haul is making me go crazy.
I am shopping way too much and today was a true test of how much self control I have and clearly I have 0.
I cannot turn away from great sales and that's going to be a problem.
I'm just going to get over all the negative emotions that I am feeling and share my exciting purchases with you because I do love everything that I bought today.
My best friends and I went to the mall strictly to shop at Chapters.
We all love reading and we love shopping at Chapters together because we spend so much time in there and we love looking for new books.
Somehow we ended up walking through the entire mall and I made purchases at Bath and Body Works, The Body Shop and Chapters.
I bought Nicholas Sparks' Safe Haven.
I have seen the movie and absolutely fell in love with it, so I know the book is going to be brilliant!
I am a huge fan of Nicholas Sparks' novels, I just love his writing and I'm a sucker for romantic novels!
Once I'm finished reading my current book, I'll start this one.
I think is going to be a great summer read :)

If you have been reading my blog, you know that Bath and Body Works is a very dangerous shop for me to go into.
I can't walk in without walking out with something.
My best friend and I tried to stop ourselves from going in, but they were having their semi annual sale and they had such good deals.
The moment we walked in, we knew there would be serious damage to our debit cards.
So here are my purchases from Bath and Body Works,
I love the True Blue Spa line and I haven't been let down by any of their products.
They had a lot of their products going for 50%, which excited me a little too much.
I bought a nourishing shower smoothie in mango butter.
I got this 295 ml bottle for $7.50.
This is a creamy smoothie that hydrates and gives the skin a rich, gentle cleanse with the aloe vera that is in it. 
This smells so good.
It's very fruity and it actually smells like mango!
So I'm very excited to try this out.
I got another True Blue Spa product.
It's their Raspberry Margarita Body Scrub.
This was also 50% so I got this for $7.50
The sugar exfoliates the skin and the oils moisturize the skin.
It smells like a margarita and I'm excited to use this on my body.
I haven't used a sugar scrub before so I'm hoping that it really helps my skin.
Another product that I purchased is a Fresh Picked Body Wash in the scent First Bloom.
This was on sale for $8.00
I'm currently using Bath and Body Works' Paris Amour body wash, but I'm running low and my friend said she loves this.
We have very similar taste in everything, so I figure that I'm going to like it too. 
The smell is very sweet and reminds me of spring.
It really does smell like flowers :)
I also bought four wall flower fillers.
I am currently using my last one in my bathroom, so I had to stock up.
Thankfully, they were on sale for 4 for $20.00
I got two of London Calling because I loved that wall flower so much, I also got Paris Daydream (which I have in a candle) and a new one called Rio Glow.
I am so disappointed that I bought this candle.
I said I didn't need anymore and yet I bought this one.
I don't even know why I approached the candles, I think I did because they were on sale. 
I got a one wick candle in Garden Freesia.
This was $5.25.
I fell in love with this candle because it is very relaxing.
I smell a bit of lavender. 
The last thing I got was a cheeky, last minute purchase.
I saw this whilst in line to pay.
I told you that I love phone cases, well guess what I also love bows! 
This was $8.00, I had to buy it.
It has colourful bows on it for crying out loud!
It even has this cute little pink bow to put in my earphones hole when I'm not using it!
Super cute!
The last thing I bought was from the Body Shop.
It's the Raspberry Body Butter.
It was on sale for $10.
This has a sweet, candy like scent to it.

So, that concludes my haul.
Thank the heavens!
To be honest, I'm really excited to try all of these products out.
I will definitely being doing reviews once I starting using them.
So, keep an eye out for that!

Leave a comment below and let me know if you've used any of these products :)
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Hugs and Butterfly Kisses

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