Thursday, 24 July 2014

My MAC Collection | Lippies

Hello beautiful people!
Whoa, it's me back with a beauty post!
Within the past 1-2 years, my love for make-up has really grown.
I started to watch a large amount of beauty hauls and beauty tutorials.
The more videos I watched, the more time I spent at drugstores, Sephora and MAC.
Since the beginning of 2014, I have decided to try and pursue a different career path.
One that many didn't support, but I'm going to do a separate blog post about that.
So stay tuned

My make-up collection has grown a lot and I'm struggling to keep them organized.
But I decided I would do a three part series on my blog called My MAC Collection!
I have divided my MAC make-up into three: Face, Eyes and Lips.
I want to share with you what MAC products I currently have and what I think about them!
For the most part there will only be good things because I am a massive fan!

I've decided to share my lipstick collection seeing as I have a massive addiction to any lip products.
Whether it be lipsticks, lip glosses or even lip scrubs- I'm addicted!
However, I am fairly picky with formulas because I hate when the product sets into the cracks of my lips or dries them out.

I just want to take a moment to mention the packaging!
I'm easily impressed with packaging and I just love the way MAC lipsticks are packaged!
All of them lined up, they look like bullets!
The black with the small silver detailing looks very sleek.
I like them!
From Left to Right
1. Right Image- Cremesheen Glass 
2. Cyber
3. Rebel
4. Ruby Woo
5. Cosmo
6. Creme in Your Coffee
7. Bold Spring
Cyber is my latest addition and my newest obsession!
I love rocking a bold lip and will do so whenever I get the chance.
It's a very deep purple that almost comes across as black!
It's a very creamy lipstick that is definitely buildable!
I prefer to wear it darker where it's on the more black side
This lip stick doesn't dry my lips out and I like how easily it applies.
However, because the application is very easy it is also really easy to smudge.
So you do have to be careful when you are cleaning up the lines!

Rebel was my first outrageous lipstick!
This is more of a dark-berry coloured lippie. 
With my skin tone (which is olive) it matches really well.
I read an article saying that berry toned lipsticks compliment olive skin
SO There ya go!
The colour payoff is amazing and it lasts a fairly long time.
You do however have to touch it up, but it lasts longer than a few of my other lipsticks
I've worn this on multiple occasions for 12 hours and after an entire day it does dry out my lips.
I recommend applying a a lip balm before!
The application is perfect! Out of all my MAC lipsticks this one is my favourite to apply.

Ruby Woo...I have a love/hate relationship.
I love the matte red lip.
But the formula is horrendous!
It takes longer to apply this lipstick than filling in my eyebrows...
Trust me, that's a long bloody time!
On top of that it only takes about an hour for my lips to shrivel up!
If I put a balm before, the lipstick won't apply.
It's a constant struggle.
I only pull this bad boy out on very special occasions.

The two nude lipsticks that I have are very similar.
I have cosmo and creme in your coffee!
Cosmo is a pinky- nude and creme in your coffee is on the neutral side.
Every girl needs both tones of nudes in their makeup collection!
They are both very creamy and they are very fast to apply.
I love wearing these to school because it's definitely an every day lip colour, but it also pulls together my entire face of make up.
Neither one dries my lips out which a bonus.

Finally, Bold Spring is part of their MAC 2014 Spring Collection.
This was an unintended purchase much like most of my make-up, but I definitely don't regret it!
In the picture above, it looks like a muted fuchsia matte...was that the proper way to describe it?
I don't know.
But the pink is more vivid and glossy in person!
The easy application and the beautiful pigmentation makes this my favourite Spring/Summer lippie!
I will say that I really do hate the packaging. I think it's just not pretty and I don't like the shape.

MAC Lip Liners
1. Current
2. Whirl
Current is a very deep berry colour, I almost want to say it has a touch of maroon!
I pair this with Rebel, it really deepens the look.
& if you know me, I'm all about dark and bold lips.

Whirl is a beautiful nude liner that I fell in love with the moment I saw this on Kylie Jenner's lips.
My friend Hayley sent me a picture and I needed it ASAP.
I wear this buy itself most of the time and I am in love with it.

There you have it!
Like I said for the most part I am in love with my MAC lip products.
Of course, I do have my favourites (Whirl & Cyber)
But I definitely don't mind spending the money for this high end lip sticks.
I hope you guys enjoyed reading this :)

Have a great day and I'll talk to you soon!
Hugs and Butterfly Kisses