Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Mini Drugstore Haul :)

Hello beautiful people :)
How are all of you doing?
I'm trying to get a lot of blogging done before the weekend because I will be dancing all weekend and will probably have no time to blog :(

Today my friend and I went shopping.
Surprise, surprise.
We aren't supposed to go shopping because we are having a big shopping spree next week, but apparently that is too long for us to wait.
So, to justify our shopping today we told ourselves that we were looking for gifts for our dads.
It is Father's Day on Sunday and I had no idea what to give my daddy.
I have no problem shopping for my mom, but when it comes to my dad, I am lost.
I ended up buying him a gift card to Starbucks because he loves Starbucks and on Sunday I will be making him home made fudge :)

Back to the haul :)
My friend and I went to Target and Winners.
I was pretty proud of myself because I didn't buy a lot.
I didn't buy anything at Winners, but I'll end up going back to buy things for my room.
But I'm happy with my purchases and i still want to share them with you all :)
The first item that I purchased is Maybelline's Lasting Drama by Eye Studio Gel eyeliner in the colour Eggplant.
I am a sucker for good, non-smudging eyeliners.
I love the Stila Liquid eyeliner that I have now, but I've heard that gel eyeliners are so great and i had to try one.
I got purple because I wanted to try something new and purple looks really good with brown eyes :)
I'm really excited to try this product, hopefully I really like it!
When I saw that Target had these I got really excited.
Loads of Youtubers rave about these and how they are so amazing.
It's Goody's TangleFIX brush.
I had to buy it and see if it's that good.
I really like the design on the back.
It's a dark purple with a cheetah print.
I'm too excited to open this and use it!
I bought this nail polish remover because I'm running out of the one that I have.
This is just a standard polish remover that is supposed to strengthen my nails.
It was $.0.94 and I bought it because it was cheap!
I also got a Wet n Wild Nail Polish.
This polish doesn't have a name, but it's a ballerina pink.
It's very girly and my favourite shade of pink!
I can't wait to wear these on my nails!
I have a feeling that this will be making an appearance in next week's Manicure Monday.
This is my last purchase and one that has been on my wishlist.
It is Nyx's Jumbo Eye Pencil in the shade Strawberry Milk.
It's a very shimmery pink and it looked gorgeous when I swatched it.
It shimmers beautifully when the light hits it and I think it would be beautiful on the eyes on a Summer's Day.
If I like this product, I'll definitely go back to get more colours and maybe even try their lip pencils!

That is all for the haul.
Leave a comment below letting me know anything that you've purchased lately or your thoughts on the products that I bought today!
Hug and Butterfly Kisses

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