Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Reunited with the Bests :)

Hello again, beautiful people :)
I've been on summer vacation for about a week and since then all of my friends have been coming home. 
My friends and I have been pretty scattered during the year whilst we all attend different universities.
The amount of excitement that I've been containing waiting for them to come home is massive.
Majority of all my best friends are home, with the exception of one who doesn't return until the middle of May :(

The term best friend is something that I have used very loosely in the past, but something that I just don't throw out now.
To have a loyal and trustworthy best friend means something really important to me. 
I've been hurt and lied to and betrayed by many in the past, but I can happily say that I have found my three best friends that I know will be there for me through thick and thin. 
These three girls are there for me when I need someone to make me smile and when I need someone to act silly with.
They don't judge me for my crazy character, but they also don't refrain from telling me that I'm wrong in situations where I need guidance.

That's what I've missed the most.
I've missed having someone there that I can be 100% myself around.
Tonight, I spent my first night with two of my best friends and it felt so nice to be completely natural.
We didn't do anything extravagant, we stayed at my place and watched Dance Moms and had a nice chat in my room. 
The night was filled with anger and frustration (from watching Dance Moms) and laughter.
To me, it felt like they never left and that's what I cherish most about these girls.
It doesn't matter how long or how far we are from each other, when we are together we are ourselves and we spend all of our time laughing.

From a distance you could ask how such a girly dancer is best friends with two intelligent hockey players and one intense soccer player, but the three of us work together.
Somehow we mesh well together and we definitely balance each other out.
The four of us all bring something different and that's what makes it fun.
We each have our special bond with each other, that one thing that links us together closely.
But with us being so different, it guarantees us that we will have a blast when we are together because we all have different ideas.

I love these girls to the moon and back.
I would do anything for them.
Having them back home makes me extremely happy and I cannot wait for our fourth best friend to come, so that we can all be reunited at last.
These next four months are going to be memorable and I want to be able to embrace every single moment :)

Nanite beautiful people :)
Hugs and Butterfly Kisses

Dance Moms Finale :)

Hello beautiful people :)
Tonight is the Dance Moms Finale and I decided that it would be a beautiful opportunity to talk about one of my favourite shows. 
I've been told that I'm not supposed to like the show because I'm a dancer, which I don't really understand.
Every argument in every episode, I understand both Abby's point of view and the moms' point of view because I'm a dancer and a choreographer.
It's quite funny when I watch this show because I frequently scream at the TV, I get butterflies before the girls dance and I get aggravated when Melissa starts getting all whiny.
I don't like picking favourites in general, but I can't help it.
Chloe and Brooke are by far my favourite dancers.
Chloe is just phenomenal on stage and I can't take my eyes off of her. She has beautiful extensions and I would die to be able to turn like her.
Brooke is another fantastic dancer, but is definitely looked past by Abby, which is unfortunate because treatment like that really does effect a dancer mentally.
To me, if I am being completely honest, I'm over this whole Maddie thing. I don't think that she's a better dancer than Chloe, the other girls are definitely catching up to her.
The one thing that really bothers me about Maddie is that when she is on stage, her face never changes...it always looks the same. There is no variety in her facial expressions and to me that is something very important in the Dance World.
Don't get me wrong Maddie is an incredibly talented dancer and she'll get far, I just don't agree on the way Abby puts her above the rest of the girls all the time. 

Now time for the mommas :)
My all time favourite mothers are Kelly and Christi!
When they fought for a bit during this current season, I was absolutely devastated! 
Some people believe that they are the crazy ones, but I truly believe that they are doing what's best for their daughters and most of the time they have the right to be angry.
Chloe, Brooke and Paige have been treated terribly by Abby and I would have acted the same way as Christi and Kelly!
To me, Melissa is the crazy and whiny mom.
The way Melissa goes about doing things makes me angry and I don't agree with her methods.
She's all happy and doesn't care about anything when Maddie is on top of the pyramid, but the second she isn't, Melissa just finds everything to complain about!
She's going to be in for a rude awakening when she realizes that there are girls out there who can out dance Maddie and Mackenzie.

This show is an addiction.
I don't think I watch this show like most non-dancer people do.
A lot of people don't understand the fights and the cattiness, but majority of dancers will.
People think that it's just this particular group that acts this way, but this is an excellent representation of the Dance World.
There are mothers like Kelly, Christi, Jill, Holly and Melissa at every studio
& every studio has their drama.
The world of dance is competitive and parents will do whatever it takes for their child to get on top.
Sometimes it be pathetic and sometimes it can be overly competitive,
But it comes with being a dancer or a dance mom.

I've been joking with my artistic directors this year, 
that dancers shouldn't be allowed to watch Dance Moms, especially their parents
Because ever since this show has become really popular, the moms have gotten crazier...
To the point, where I can say some moms at my studio are worse than these moms.

Comment below about what you think about the show and how I've commented about it.
I'd definitely be interested to see if I'm just looking at all of this wrong.
I hope you are all having a beautiful day & enjoy the Dance Moms Finale tonight
I know I sure will :)
Hugs and Butterfly Kisses

Monday, 29 April 2013

Manicure Monday :)

Hello beautiful people :)
So, I'm going to start doing a Manicure Monday on this blog.
With my summer already started, I find myself repainting my nails every week.
& I figure that it would be a great idea to show all of you what I've decided to paint my nails for the week.
Hopefully, as the summer goes on I will start trying new nail designs that I find on pinterest.
I will guarantee you that, they will not always turn out perfect, but hey at least I tried ;)

For this week's manicure, I decided to use two different colours of nail polish.
The first colour being L'Oreal's Greycian Goddess, number 560.
& the second colour being Sally Hensen's Bubblegum Pink, number 470.
I'm spending most of my week searching for a job and I wanted to pick a colour that shows maturity and sophistication whilst being playful and girly at the same time.
I used the Greycian Goddess colour on all four of my fingers and then using the Bubblegum Pink to accent my ring finger.
I'm not one to buy dark colours like the L'Oreal one, but for some reason this caught my eye.
It took a while for me to like it once I painted my nails with it for the first time, but I absolutely love it now.
I was skeptical to pair the two of the colours, but looking at my nails now I love it
The Greycian Goddess is very simple and mature, in my opinion.
Whereas, the Bubblegum Pink is very playful and girly.
To me, this shows the best of both worlds :)

Let me know what you guys think about my nails!
I hope you all had a beautiful Monday :)
Hugs and Butterfly Kisses

Sunday, 28 April 2013

A Happy Belated Birthday to My Brother

Hello beautiful people :)
So yesterday, April 27, was my baby brother's 14 birthday (I know that he isn't a baby nor a child anymore, but I will forever call him my baby brother) and I wanted him to have a very special day.
My brother and I never got along until I entered University and to be honest, life is much easier now.

I give my brother a pretty tough time, so I thought it would be nice to make his day delightful and wonderful.
I started that wonderful day by jumping on him at the stroke of midnight whilst screaming happy birthday to him, whether or not he enjoyed it...I did anyways ;)
In the morning, on my way home from work I purchased his favourite donut from Tim Horton's.

Above is the present that I purchased for my brother.
I thought that it would be wonderful for me to get really creative with my choice of bag and tissue paper and just like I predicted my brother absolutely loved it (she says in a very sarcastic tone)
But inside of this bag, I bought him a white and blue baseball hat with a mesh backing and the Toronto Maple Leaf's logo on the front for the playoffs, woo!
In addition, I got him two American Eagle v-neck t-shirts, the first one being white, with navy blue stripes...the same style as Louis Tomlinson's famous shirt and the second one being different shades of blue with an ombre effect.
The last few additions are chocolate bars and candy that he'll enjoy.
I was very pleased that he enjoyed my gift and he really loved the shirts I bought.

In the evening we enjoyed a very nice family dinner and then I treated him to Menchies.
The day was extremely fun and I hope my brother enjoyed it.
I really do love him and I couldn't ask for a better brother.

I hope all you beautiful people are having a beautiful day :)
Hugs and Butterfly Kisses

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Trying Something New!

Well hello there beautiful people
I want to take a few moments to explain the purpose of this blog and why I've decided to do this.
This whole blogging scenario is very new to me and I'm curious to see how this is going to go.
I really hope that I enjoy doing this because I see so many people just loving this.

The purpose of this blog is to share with you any fashion and beauty trends that is currently catching my eye. I'm not a fashion and beauty expert, but I do know enough to share with you my favourite items, that you might enjoy as well.
I'm aware of the excessive amount of beauty and fashion blogs out there, so I do not want to solely dedicate this blog to just that. 

After graduating high school I have definitely changed a lot and have been more opened to experiencing new things, which I hope that I can share with you all.
I also have some great people in my life that provide me with some great advice that I would also like to share.

I also have a strong passion for dance, so for any dancers out there I would definitely enjoy blogging about dance experiences, or new things that I've learned about the fine spart...yes I just mixed sport and art together, because I am a firm believer that it is both.

So I shall leave all you beautiful people with that fine introduction.
Don't hesitate to comment and give me feedback. I'll absolutely love it :)
Hugs and Butterfly kisses