Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Candles are a Beautiful Thing

Hello beautiful people :)
I have a slight obsession with candles.
I love burning them and the scent they give off.
I buy all of my candles from Bath and Body Works.
It's a dangerous place for me to go to because I'm always attracted to their candle wall.
When they have candle sales 100% of the time I will walk out with candles.
 I don't know why I need so many, but that doesn't stop me from buying them.
I love to burn candles at night.
I have the candle on my side table burning with my lights hanging around my window on.
During nights like this I am either on my bed reading or I have my laptop on my lap and I'm blogging. 
I feel so relaxed and I love spending my nights in like this.
This is my candle stash right now.
It sits in my bottom drawer of my side table.
I go through candles quite quickly because I burn them a lot, especially during the winter.
Around Christmas time I buy Christmas candles and they're usually gone once Christmas is over. 

Looking at the candles that I have, I realize that I need year round scented candles.
So knowing that I need more candles, it's going to be a struggle to walk past Bath and Body Works the next time I'm at the mall.
I've had this candle for a about a year and there is very little left of it.
It's Seaside Escape.
It's part of their summer candles and it definitely has a summer scent.
It's the one wick candle.
The smell is very tropical.
Every time I smell it, it smells like an all inclusive resort at a tropical place.
Burning this candle it immediately takes me on vacation, surrounded by the fresh air, the tropical fruit and the sunshine.
I bought this at the same time as the one above.
It's the same size.
This one is Oceanside.
I really like this candle for the summer time.
The scent is very fresh and light.
There might be a scent of sunscreen in there, which is a strong scent that is at the beach.
Being on the beach, you smell the fresh air and everything is light and fresh.
This is exactly what the candle smells like. 
This candle I bought at the beginning of Spring.
It's a 3 Wick candle in the scent Pink Sangria.
I have been in love with this scent since last summer and I had to own the candle.
This was my first candle that I burned this season and it is 90% finished. 
Unfortunately,I can't really tell you guys how it smells because the lid is melted shut.
I have no idea how it happened, I tried to open it about a week ago and I couldn't get the lid off for the life of me. 
What I can say about this is that this candle disappointed me.
Smelling the candle in the store was heavenly. 
But the second I lit it, it didn't smell nice at all.
The scent was too strong and wasn't pleasant.
It was so strong to the point where I would get headaches if I left it burning for so long. 
This is the candle that I am currently burning and I absolutely love it!
It's Gelato and I will forever purchase this candle over and over again!
This was in my Fancy Friday post last week :)
I really love sweet fragrances and this candle definitely has a sweet smell. 
But the scent isn't too heavy which is the best part. 
It smells like candy, very sugary sweets! 
What's also really great is that when this candle is burning, it still smells so sweet and it isn't overpowering! 
Such a snazzy lid
I shouldn't have bought this candle and I blame my friend for making me buy this.
I didn't need anymore but it just smelled so lovely, I couldn't walk away from it. 
I refuse to burn this candle because I don't want to finish it.
I want to keep this for as long as I can.
This one is called Paris Daydream.
It has a very perfume like scent to it.
If this was a body spray, I would definitely wear this. 
It smells romantic, if that makes any sense! 
It's another light fragrance that isn't too strong.
& my final and favourite candle.
I bought this at the same time as the Paris Daydream one.
This one is London Calling.
I can't even begin to describe how amazing this scent is!
The smell is mixture of tea and lemon.
I love this smell so much.
I can just sit here and smell the candle all day.
It isn't too strong, so it doesn't give me a head ache.
The smell is very citrusy because of the lemon.
UGH, everyone needs to go and buy this candle now!
I think this is the Gelato Candle burning.
Light a candle and give me a cup of tea and I will instantly feel relaxed.
Watching the flames burn when the candle is the only source of light, I find very beautiful.
I'm sorry if I did a horrible job at describing the scents. 
If you want to check out Bath and Body Works' website, I'll link it for you.
They're scents are great and they have amazing products.
Leave a comment below and let me know you're favourite candles and I'll definitely check them out :)
Hugs and Butterfly Kisses

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