Friday, 7 June 2013

Fancy Friday #4

Hello beautiful people :)
It's that time for another Fancy Friday!
Woot, woot!
My first favourite is a Bath and Body Works candle in the scent Gelato.
I am a massive fan of their candles.
I just love how this makes my room smell.
When it is burning, my room smells so sweet and fruity.
There are times when I'm burning candles and the scent gives me a headache.
But this isn't the case with this one.
The scent isn't too strong.
My second favourite shouldn't be a surprise!
I blogged about this Classic Disney film a few days ago!
You can check it out Here, if you haven't already!
I haven't stopped watching both films.
I love them so much!

I'm not sure why I haven't blogged about this product before.
I've had it for months and I fell in love with it after a week!
It's the Rimmel London Lash Accelerator in very black!
I have very short and straight eyelashes and most of the time I need to use two different mascaras in order for my lashes to be seen. 
This is the first mascara that I've used where I don't have to pair it with another mascara.
I think the formula is perfect, it isn't too dry.
It doesn't clump.
I love the applicator!

This is another product that I've owned for a while.
It's Elf's blush in Twinkle Pink.
I bought this last year whilst on a trip to Florida with my friends.
I didn't wear blush then, I bought it because it was $3 and for the sake of owning blush.
I didn't start wearing this until a few months ago, but I wear it every day now. 
I absolutely love it and it's my go-to blush.
I think the shade of pink is beautiful and I love the gold sparkles in it.
It's gorgeous on, I love the way it looks in the sun.
It gives you a nice colour whilst making you sparkle, slightly. 
Oh and the price is fantastic :)
The next thing that I've been fancy-ing this week is a phone app.
It's called Candy Crush.
I haven't been addicted to this game until this week!
I am constantly playing this game and getting very frustrated because I can't beat a level.
It is the most satisfying feeling when I finish a level that I've been stuck on for a while!
If you don't have this  on your phone already, I suggest you get it!
It's dangerously addicting!
This is my last favourite!
It's Pompeii by Bastille :)
I am in love with the entire Bad Blood album, but this is the first song that I've listened to by them. 
Lately, I've wanted to listen to this song a lot!
This song gets me pumped up and I like waking up to this because it gives me energy to get out of bed.
I love the lyrics and the music.
It makes me really happy.
I love listening to this in the car because it's a great song to jam out too whilst you're driving.

Well that's all for Fancy Friday!
I hope you had a great week :)
Leave a comment below if you fancy!
Hugs and Butterfly Kisses