Monday, 17 June 2013

Manicure Monday #7

Hello beautiful people :)
I am so happy that I didn't have to fight with my nails today.
Today's been a pretty good day.
So I present you with this week's Manicure Monday.
This week I have used Wet N' Wild's Wild Shine.
This colour doesn't have a name, but it's a baby pink.
I have also used Sally Hensen's Gem Crush in Showgirl Chic.
 I decided to try the glitter ombre again.
I think they turned out better than my attempt last week!
I used a small tip paint brush to apply the glitter.
It gave me more control than the original brush.
Here's a closer look at my nails.
I made sure the sparkles were thicker at the base of my nail and thinned it out as I got closer to the top.
I think the blue sparkles look really nice against the pink base.

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Hugs and Butterfly Kisses

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