Friday, 31 May 2013

Fancy Friday #3

Hello beautiful people :)
Oh look it's Friday already!
These weeks just go by faster and faster!
I apologize for not doing a Fancy Friday last week.
I, somehow, forgot...I think I just didn't have time to blog :(
But on a brighter note, here is this week's favourites :)

My first favourite is Maybelline's Dream Fresh BB Cream.
It is an 8-in-1 Beauty Balm with SPF 30.
I have the medium/deep tint because of my darker complexion.
I bought this a couple weeks ago and have been using it every single day.
I bought this in replace of foundation to see if this would be better for me to wear during the summer.
This product is perfect!
It evens out my face providing the right amount of coverage that I need.
I don't feel oily after applying this.
My skin feels smooth and fresh.
I love this product for the summer because it isn't as heavy as some foundations would be, allowing my skin to breath.

So, if anyone is looking for something to moisturize and provide coverage for your face I would definitely recommend this for the summer.
We've had some pretty hot days here and I don't feel like my face is sweating all my makeup off.
It helps set my makeup whilst protecting my skin from the sun :)
The second product is one that I've had for a while and have just forgotten how much I love it!
It is Aveeno's Positively Radiant Makeup Remover and Cleanser :)
This removes my makeup whilst providing me with smooth and soft skin.
When I put this on to remove my face makeup, it feels so soft.
The foam literally just glides across my face managing to take everything off.
When I rinse all the foam off, my face feels so clean, it's amazing!
It is oil-free, but it doesn't dry out my face after I use it.
My skin just feels smooth!
It does an excellent job at taking off my makeup, taking absolutely everything off :)
 I am obsessed with this next product!
I've heard great things about it, but this just exceeds my expectations!
It's the Maybelline Colour Tattoo in shade 25 Bad to the Bronze.
It's a creme eyeshadow that stays on for literally 24 hours.
You can rub your eyes, roast in the sun or play sports and it still stays on.
This lasts an entire day!
Look at how gorgeous this colour is!
I've only had this for a week, but I use it pretty much every day.
It's just so beautiful!
I wear it by itself because I just love the way it looks.
At my brother's confirmation last weekend I wore it a big darker, but I normally keep it pretty light!
I just love the way it looks in natural light and it's very easy to apply!
I want to buy more, but their colours aren't really neutral.
They are louder and bolder.
But there are a few that have caught my eye, so I'm debating on going back!

This is a fabulous creme shadow and very cheap!
I recommend everyone to try it out because this will not disappoint you!
My fashion favourite this week are my black converse!
My mom got me these in April and I love them!
They are so comfy and go with pretty much every outfit!
I like wearing them with dresses!
I'm working on getting two more pairs in a baby pink and sky blue!
They are a lot comfier than flip flops and my knees don't hurt wearing these.
My knees can be in a lot of pain if I'm walking around for a day in flip flops 
(Dancer problems)
My final favourite is a music one and it is this beautiful girl named Madilyn Bailey.
I love acoustic covers of songs and I'm always eager to find YouTube performers.
Madilyn's cover of this song is amazing, her twist is amazing and very unique.
Her voice is great and pretty rich!
I love a lot of the songs on her channel, so everyone should go and check her out!
She does an amazing cover of I Knew You Were Trouble!
Plus, her hair is awesome!
I wish I could rock that!

Anyways, that is it for this week's favourites :)
I hope you guys liked it!
Leave a comment below if you like any of my favourites or share the things that you've been liking a lot lately :)
Hugs and Butterfly Kisses

Thursday, 30 May 2013

A Cheeky Road Trip for Some Delicious Burgers :)

Hello Beautiful People :)
I hope everyone's day was as happy and cheeky as mine!
The weather over here was just amazingly hot today!
Perfect timing for a road trip!

I love road trips!
I just love driving with my friends, listening to music and having nice chats.
& That's exactly what my best friends and I did today!
My Uncle owns a Burger Joint an hour and a half away from where I live.
The burgers are to die for! Everything is made from scratch and is extremely fresh.
They use pretzel buns instead of regular hamburger buns and the food combinations are unreal!
I normally go with my grandparents on my days off, but they are in the Philippines for 6 months.
So I needed new people to come with me.
Luckily, two of my best friends love to eat and were down for this trip to get some good burgers.

By noon we hit the road and had our music blasting.
The normally, long ride wasn't too bad because I was having so much fun with my friends.
We sang along to the music, shared songs with each other and just teased each was great!
But I will admit, a half an hour into the drive I was extremely hungry.
All I wanted was that burger.
I knew what burger I wanted and I was just waiting to get there!
Best friends :)
 The beautiful weather made the drive even better.
The scenery was so pretty with the sun shining and all the trees covered with their leaves.
It was the perfect summer day. 
The sight of trees on either side of the highway pleases me.
I find it very relaxing and fresh compared to seeing all the pollution hovering over massive buildings!

Arriving at the place was very exciting because I was so bloody hungry.
It felt like the order was taking forever.
All I wanted to do was eat my burger :(
When we were brought the burgers my face lit up!
It didn't take us long to immediately start stuffing our faces (in the classiest way possible)
These burgers never fail me.
They are made so well, I could eat them forever.
There is the right amount of spice and sweetness and saltiness.
The combination of jalapenos, a home made sauce and the potato chips mix so well together, oddly enough.
Doesn't your mouth water at the sight of this?!
I don't know what it is, but my friends and I can eat a lot!
After finishing our meal, we somehow still had room for ice cream!
So off we went, down the street to the Reid's Dairy Castle!
Castle?! WHOA!
Yes, it was pretty awesome.
Like little kids, we rush inside unable to decide on what to get.
But because I don't stray from tradition, I quickly order the bubblegum ice cream!
There is just something about bubblegum ice cream that gets me!
I love it so, so much!
What makes this castle even better is their portion size!
My goodness, their "small" looks more like an extra large with a really good price :)
Look how good and giant it is! Yum!
I miss the feeling of sitting outside, eating ice cream on a Summers day.
So being able to do that today was really lovely!
I love feeling the sun on my skin, I feel so warm :)
I got my friend to take a photo of me because my dress matched my ice cream, which I thought as hilarious for some reason :P
Not the most flattering picture of me, but anyways!
The dress was lovely to wear today!
It appeared in my Shopping Haul post, so if you want to know where it's from check that blog out :)

Don't I have such beautiful friends? ;)
By the time I arrived home it was 5:00 in the evening.
The road trip ended up being more exhausting than I had expected.
Totally worth it, it just surprised me.
I'm so happy that I got to spend such a beautiful day with two of my best friends.
The burgers were delicious, the ice cream was yummy, the drive was beautiful and the pictures are funny :)
This is definitely one of my favourite days of the summer so far!
Selfie Time! :)
That's all for today!
I am exhausted and going to get ready for bed!
Hugs and Butterfly Kisses 

Wednesday, 29 May 2013


Hello beautiful people :)
Yesterday was a fabulous day because Little Mix's Debut Album was finally released in the United States and Canada!
I am a massive fan of these girls and I was so excited when I finally bought the deluxe edition!
I've been counting down the days and now I haven't stopped listening to it!
It's been on repeat.
It's just too good to not listen to!
Why are they all so pretty!
There is not a single song on this album that I don't like.
Once I download it onto my lap top, the CD is going straight into my car so I can jam along to it all the time.
The songs are very catchy and I already know a lot of the lyrics.
All of their solos are amazing, but I will say that Perrie's voice always gives me goosebumps!
I love that their voices are so different and you can tell who is singing what part.

There is a mixture of different songs on their album.
There are songs like Wings, Stereo Soldier, How Ya Doin' and Love Drunk that are very upbeat, bubbly and easy to dance to.
If I'm listening to these songs in the car or in my room, life becomes a dance party!
It is impossible for me not to dance along and sing as loud as I can!
Then there are songs like Change Your Life, Always Be Together, We Are Who We Are and Make You Believe that make you happy and feel better about yourself.
Whether they have a faster tempo or a slower one it gives me a confidence boost.
These songs make me smile and will be the songs that I will listen to if I'm having a bad day.
& Finally there are songs such as Pretend It's Ok, Turn Your Face and Going Nowhere that have a slower tempo and are definitely more emotional.
These songs are more about dealing with boy problems and songs that teenage girls can listen to when having boy troubles.
When the girls since these songs, the emotion becomes twenty times better.
It's like you can hear the pain through their voices.
I love it.
I also want to add that I love the inside of the case with all the pictures.
They still manage to look so pretty even though the pictures are goofy.
To me, the inside shows their fans who they really are and that they are just as goofy.
I love seeing moments like that and this photoshoot looks like it was so much fun!
I just can't wait to hear more from Little Mix.
& I'm waiting for the day they come to Canada because I want to see them live so bad!

I hope you guys are having a great day!
Leave a comment below if you're a Mixer and have their CD.
I would love to know what your favourite songs are on the album!
Hugs and Butterfly Kisses

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

The Beauty of Dance

Hello Beautiful People :)
It's me again!
I hope you don't mind me blogging more than once a day.
I just have so many things to blog about and I don't want to forget about them.
This post is more personal and about something that means a lot to me.
I'm assuming that you know what it is about because of the title.
Yes, this is a dance post.
Something that I haven't talked about much on this blog :(

Earlier this evening I was watching So You Think You Can Dance and watching some of the auditions really made me miss dancing.
Dance has been such an important part of my life since I was 6.
A day doesn't go by when I'm not choreographing routines in my head or dancing around my house.
The dance studio was and still is my happy place.
It is the place where I can truly express myself, work hard and still have a smile on my face.
I always feel welcomed and loved by my fellow dancers, students, parents and teachers.
It's not a place of judgement. 
You grow as dancers and as people with your team.
What I love about the studio that I graduated from and now work for is the strong sense of family.
I have such a strong support group at my studio and many of the dancers are my sisters because I spend so much time with them.

I am trained in every style of dance, but lyrical and tap being my specialities.
What I love the most about lyrical is how lost I can get in the music.
The music literally controls me. 
I love telling stories through routines, especially when I can personally relate to them.
Give me a lyrical routine and I will put 110% of myself into it.
Every part of my body is engaged in the routine and I love that feeling.
My favourite thing about tap is all the rhythms.
Tap is so intricate, so many different rhythms can be made.
I love watching tap routines and listening intently to all of the sounds.
Tap isn't always so easy, but once you can nail a routine, it is so satisfying!
My graduating lyrical solo 2012
 In my opinion dance is underestimated by many, especially athletes.
Dance is a way to express yourself, therefore making it an art.
But the amount of muscle and strength it takes to successfully express yourself makes it a sport.
I am so tired of people laughing and rejecting dance as a sport.
Let's get a hockey player or a soccer player into a dance studio and see how long they last.
It's insulting to us dancers when people laugh when we consider dance a sport. 
A nice sweaty photo after a long work out

Some of my friends don't understand the concept of being able to tell a story through a dance.
But for me it is so easy to unravel what a dancer is trying to tell their audience.
Almost every routine has a story.
Dancers are capable of making their audience cry, laugh and feel the anger that they are feeling.
& to me that is what makes dancers unique.
I think it just takes a person who can appreciate dance to understand the story.
Unfortunately, not everyone does so the stories are sometimes unable to be portrayed to them.
My senior jazz group 2012 with a pretty intense story 
I miss dancing so much.
I didn't realize until my senior year that I am definitely more of a performer than I am a dancer.
I love being on stage and performing in front of others.
There's this feeling I get being on stage that makes me so happy.
It gets even better when I walk off the stage feeling 100% satisfied with how I danced.
There isn't a better feeling than both you and your choreographer being proud of the way you performed. 
I miss the competition environment...well minus the catty dancers.
If I could, I would be back on the stage in a heart beat.

As much as I love watching my students shine on stage, it's very different being on the choreographer side of things.
It's an adjustment that I'm going to have to get use to.
My goal now as a choreographer is to share my passion and drive with my girls.
Hopefully, with a year with me the passion and drive will start to rub off on them and it'll start making a difference in their performance.
Because to me, if you have flawless technique but very poor stage presence then I don't want to watch you dance.
A beautiful dancer is someone who has strong technique, but is also able to captivate the audience with their performance. 
A dancer is more than her legs and her ability to turn.
A dancer is being able to show everyone how much you love dance through each and every movement.
It's All Coming Back to Me 2012
 Well that's all for today ladies and gents.
I wish I could keep going, but I don't want to bore you all!
I hope you enjoyed my "rant" about dance.
I will leave you with a link of me and my duet partner dancing.
The video was taken in 2011, but it's one of my favourites and the most recent.
I hope you like it :)HERE
Leave comments below if you are a dancer or your thoughts about dance!
Also, let me know if you want me to do more dance related posts :)
Hugs and Butterfly Kisses

Summer Bucket List 2013

Hello beautiful people :)
How are you?
Since  I have finished my first year University and I now have 4 months of summer, I want to make the most out of my break.
I want to be able to have a great summer with all of my friends home and to make more memories!
Memories that I can document here and take pictures of with my new snazzy camera!

So I thought it would be a fantastic idea to share with you all, my summer bucket list for 2013.
I thought it would be a cheeky idea and maybe you guys can get some ideas.
But I will say I don't have anything over the top amazing on my list, like bungee jumping or swimming with sharks.
They are things that I love to do and want to accomplish.
I don't know what is going to happen in the future with my friends, so I need to take advantage of this whilst we are all still home.

Here it goes:
1. See One Direction in Concert and love every moment of it!
2. Meet One Direction
3. Start a YouTube Channel :)
4. Camping with my best friends at the beautiful Sand Banks
5. Bonfires and BBQ all Summer long!
6. Participate in some form of charity work!
7. Go crazy and shop in Toronto
8. Be in the best shape possible where I can feel great and confident about myself
9. Go to the zoo to see all the pretty and adorable animals!
10. Create a memory box to store memorable items throughout my University years
Credits to Google Images

There are 10 things on my bucket list for this summer.
I hope I can accomplish everything on here :)
I can't wait to document these experiences!
Leave a comment below and let me know what is on your bucket list for the summer!
Hugs and Butterfly Kisses

Monday, 27 May 2013

Manicure Monday #4

Hello beautiful people :)
I apologize for the delay in Manicure Monday this week!
Today ended up being a little busier than I had anticipated!
But don't worry, I have not forgotten and it is here :)
*insert applause*

This week I chose two pretty colours :)
I have Essie's play date and Essie's blanc on my nails.
I use to really like Essie's blanc, but I'm finding that when I apply it, it's very chunky and the consistency isn't the same.
It can be quite annoying because there will be blobs on my nails or it can look very stringy. 
However, Essie's Play Date is my favourite to apply.
The colour is so soft and very easy to put on.
It goes on very smoothly and evenly, which I love in a polish :)

How did I paint my nails, you ask?
Well here is what they look like!
So on Instagram and Pinterest there have been a lot of pictures with nail designs like this!
I really like the way this looks.
I think it's something different!
I've been wanting to try this for a while, but I've been a little scared to actually do so.
But I did it anyways and it definitely came out better than I thought!
With this being my first time, I hope to get better at doing this.
But I do think that I did pretty darn good for my first time!

Leave your thoughts below :)
Hugs and Butterfly Kisses

Friday, 24 May 2013

Beauty Review| Maybelline Lipsticks :)

Hello beautiful people :)
I hope you are all doing fantastic today!
I have decided to finally do my first beauty review!
With my current obsession with lipsticks, I figured reviewing lip products would be very fitting!
So today I am going to be sharing my thoughts on Maybelline lipsticks.
 I own two Maybelline lipsticks.
I hate one, but I love the other one.
The first one that I have here is the first one that I bought.
I bought this in October of 2011 because I needed it for a Halloween costume.

 This is Maybelline's Colour Sensational Lip Stain in 630 Red Revolution.
I love red lipstick.
But I need the right shade of red because some look quite ugly on my lips.
This one, however, looked really nice!
It's a rich shade of red.
I've only worn this twice and I've hated wearing it both times.

Maybelline claims that this lip stain has a crisper colour and a creamier feel because of the nourishing honey.
The pigmentation is great.
The colour on the lip stick does transfer to your lips quite brightly, so I won't complain about the colour.
But I will complain about how it's supposed to nourish my lips.

My lips can get really dry if I don't take care of them.
After wearing this lip product for a couple of hours, it takes days for lips to go back to normal.
This lipstick dries them out so quickly that it's hard to reapply it because you can tell how chapped my lips are.
It applies very nicely, but my lips peel for days after.
If I was to wear this again, I would definitely put on a lip balm before applying this.
The colour when I swatched it on the back of my hand
So overall, I love the colour and the pigmentation, I just hate how drying it is.
The next Maybelline lip stick that I have is part of their new line, which is Colour Sensational Vivids in 870 Shocking Coral.
I've had this one for about a month and I just love it.
Because I love Coral I wanted a nice Coral lipstick and this just the perfect colour for me.
The colour is so bright and when I put it on my lips, it is even brighter. 
I love how bright it is, this lipstick is perfect for a nice Summer or Spring day :)
This product provides you with vivid colour, which it does perfectly and the honey is supposed to nourish your lips.
Now, this lip stick doesn't dry my lips out quite like the other lip product above, but it still manages to do so.
It's easier for me to restore my lips after wearing this one, which is a plus.
So I don't know if they just changed the formula of this one.
The first time I wore it I didn't wear a lip balm underneath, so my lips were dry after that.
But ever since then I've been applying lip balm before and my lips rarely get dry.
**Tip of the day: Apply lip balm before wearing these lip products**
Look at that colour!

If you are looking for a nice coral colour, I recommend this one!
(Ignore the fact that it looks more pink in the picture, it doesn't look like that on the lips)
It's such a pretty shade and very girly.
The pigmentation is fantastic and it won't disappoint you!
It's easy to apply and it really brightens your lips.
Fantastic Product.

Overall, I much more impressed with this lip product than the first one.
Leave a comment below your experiences with Maybelline Lip Stains :)
Maybe I'm the only one that hates their normal line of lipsticks...
Hugs and Butterfly Kisses

Thursday, 23 May 2013

It's Time for Another Haul-- Part Two :)

Hello again my beautiful people :)
So here is part two of my haul!
In this post there will be the products that I bought from Walmart and anything that I bought today.
To begin I will start with the Walmart products.

I bought St. Ives Apricot Scrub.
I'm still using my True Blue Spa exfoliating scrub, but it's running low.
I bought this one to try once I'm finished my other product and also because it was on sale for $3.27.
It's oil free and non-irritating.
This is used to reveal smooth and radiant skin.
I'm excited to use this soon to see if it's a good product because it is a lot cheaper than the True Blue Spa scrub, which is around $13.
I own a fair amount of make-up, but I lack in make-up brushes.
I hate spending a lot of money on make-up brushes, so I wanted to find some that were at a reasonable price.
I watch a lot of beauty YouTube channels and a lot of them rave and rant about the Real Techniques brushes and how good they are.
Curious, I decided to buy it, I've already used all of the brushes and I love them!
The brushes are soft on your face and they apply the make-up very nicely!
Each kit was $18.28, which is pretty darn good considering the quality and the amount of brushes that you are getting!
It's a great starter kit, which is exactly what I need.
I recommended these to my best friend and she went to go by the package on the right.
So hopefully, she loves it as much as I do :)
What a cute little fellow!
The last thing I bought at Walmart is Essie's Apricot Cuticle Oil Treatment.
(Damn, what's with me and buying apricot products)
Again, one of my favourite YouTubers mentioned this in her video and said that it works wonders.
I have really bad cuticles because I pick at them all the time.
It's such a bad habit and I do it when I'm stressed out, which is a lot of the time. 
I bought this in hopes to repair my cuticles
It smells really good and it has to be applied twice a day for the best results, which I have yet to do.
So I have to get into a routine with this product to make sure that it does it job!

Today, my best friend and I (the same best friend) went back to Urban Planet because we are crazy.
When we went yesterday we didn't get a chance to look at everything, so we wanted to go back to see if there was anything else that we liked. 
& Of course we found more things.
More floral?! Surprise, surprise
 I love these floral print shorts.
Oops pardon me, hot pants according to the label.
I love the pastel pink and all of the flowers.
They fit really nicely, the waist doesn't dig into my sides and it just covers my bum.
When I wear these shorts I do have to be careful when I bend over...hehe
These shorts were $10, but I was hesitant to get these because I am really bad with pairing shirts with patterned bottoms.
It's a challenge for me, but I want to get better at it over the summer.
I really want to challenge and push the limits to the way I dress this season :)
Oh goodness, I didn't realize this had floral print as well...
This t-shirt, my friend saw yesterday and I just kind of looked past it.
But I saw it today and decided to try it on.
It's very loose fitted, but I love it.
The back is entirely lace which will be great on hot summer days.
I love the peach colour and the Union Jack in the middle surrounded by floral print.
This shirt has all three of my favourite things: lace, the Union Jack and floral print.
This was $10 and I can't wait to start wearing it!
I will have to be careful though because the material is quite thin, so I don't want it to get ruined easily because I love it too much.
New York, concrete jungle where dreams are made of!
& Finally, my last purchase!
I love this top and I can't wait to wear it with my disco pants that I will be getting in the near future (on my next shopping spree haha)
This tank has very loose arm holes and is quite baggy on me.
Love it!
The front of the shirt ends at my hips, but the back ends underneath my bum
I really love the design on the front.
New York is in my Top 5 of favourite places, so I had to get this the moment I saw it.
When I wear this shirt I will have to wear a bandoo under because the arm holes are quite big.
I just love everything about this shirt and this was also $10 :)

So that concludes my haul...finally!
Don't be afraid to leave a comment down below :)
I'd appreciate it!
Hugs and Butterfly Kisses

It's Time for Another Haul :)

Well hello there beautiful people!
I feel like I haven't blogged in a while, which makes me sad.
The past couple of days have been pretty busy because I've been spending all the money that I shouldn't be spending.
Wahoo for smart choices ;)

So the title of this post implies that I did some shopping over the last few days.
And when I say some shopping, I mean more than I should have done.
After these shopping days, I am literally refusing to use my debit or credit card for about a month.
I seriously need to learn how to save money.
Being on a student budget is just so hard.

I bought quite a few things over the last couple of days, so I'm going to jump right into it. :)
My first day of shopping I went with the family because my brother was looking for a suit for his confirmation this week and I needed a dress to wear because I'm a sponsor for my cousin.
(If you're not Catholic and you're wondering what on earth I'm talking about, don't ask because I don't even understand it myself, hehe)
I bought three wonderful things that day, my sponsor dress being one of them.
Ouu la la!
This is the dress that I will be wearing this weekend for the confirmation event.
I wanted a dress that would make me look mature, but still really cute.
I found this lovely dress at Forever 21 for $18, booya!
I love the peplum style because it makes my waist look tiny and it covers up the area that I am most insecure about. 
I really like the black and white Aztec design. 
The length of the dress is perfect, it's not too long and it's not too short.
This isn't something that I would normally wear, so I'm enjoying that I love it so much!
It really flatters my body and I feel great wearing it :)

Ouu Maxi Dress time
(Okay, so the way I am standing makes my body look deformed here. Don't judge me)
This summer all I want to wear are dresses because they are so girly and fun and very easy to wear.
So, I have been slowly building up my summer dress collection and now I can add this one to it! Yay!
I found this at Bluenotes for $10, what?!
When I first saw this, I was very skeptical because of the horizontal stripes and I was just like "I'm going to look fat" "I'm going to look short" "life is going to hate me"
(Wow, look at me being optimistic, haha)
But my mom forced me to try it on and I was so shocked when I saw myself in the mirror.
I loved it!
I love the colour and just the way it fits and it is so comfortable to wear.
I wore it today and it does make me look a little wider at the hips, but I don't mind that.
Buying more maxi dresses is definitely on my list for my next summer shopping spree :)

The last item that I purchased that day was from Lush.
It is the first thing that I have bought from the store and I'm really happy about it!
It's the Lush Lip Scrub in Mint Tulip.
This tiny thing was $10.95, yikes.
It is used to exfoliate your lips and because it is made from sugar and oil you can lick it right off when you're done.
I've only used this a few times but I'm liking the results.
After I use it for a longer period of time, I will definitely do a review for you guys and let you know if it is worth the price :)
But as of right now, it is doing it's job and leaves my lips smoother than before.
I like it!

The next batch of purchases all happened between yesterday and today.
My best friend and I stupidly went shopping.
Shopping by myself is dangerous enough, but shopping with her is even worse.
I can't go shopping with all of my friends, and she just happens to be the one that I do serious damage with.
Yesterday, our main focus was Urban Planet and the mall.
I found some really nice things at Urban Planet that I love :)
Here they are!
Denim vest with studs?! What!!
I've been looking for a denim jacket and how I bought a denim vest, I have no idea.
I have never been the girl to wear something like this especially with studs.
But I tried it on and I just loved it!
It fit me perfectly and I knew that I would be nice to wear over corset tops, summer dresses and shirts.
This, I believe, was $15.
I'm in love with it and I know I will be wearing this a lot this summer.
Floral print, preeetttyyyy!
 The whole corset and belly tops are very in this season.
I hate my stomach and I don't like flaunting it, but I am very into high waisted bottoms, so I figure pairing these tops with high waisted shorts or skirts wouldn't be so bad.
I bought this as a tester, to see if I would like wearing this out.
I really like it!
It isn't too small and the shape of the top hugs my body properly.
I've tried on other tops in this style and they just look so wrong on me.
I also love the floral print on this top.
I'm really into floral clothing as well.
So this shirt was just perfect for me!
This was $12.50 which again isn't too bad.
 This was my last purchase at Urban Planet from yesterday.
I love mint green.
I love mint green nail polish.
I love mint green clothing.
When I saw this dress, I had to try it on and the fact that it was only $15 made it even better.
I love the t-shirt top and the lace over lay.
Because the skirt starts to flare just at my hips, it accentuates my waist once again, making me look smaller than normal.
This dress is also the perfect length and I love the skater skirt.
It's very summery and I love how it flows.
My favourite part of this dress is the opening in the back.
In the picture above, I think it makes me look smaller because of the shape of the opening, but then again I could just be crazy!
Why I bought candles? I don't know..
Oh because the packaging was pretty.
 After going to Urban Planet, my friend and I drove down to the mall.
I had to buy a gift for my cousin and she had to buy a birthday present.
We entered Bath and Body Works because she was buying the present there and it had to be the biggest mistake.
I love candles and the Bath and Body Work candles always suck me in.
I bought two a few weeks before, so I really didn't need more but of course I still walk out with two.
They were going for 2 for $25.50 and I got London Calling and Paris Daydream.
They both smell so wonderful and I love the lids of these candles, look how cute they are!
I'm going to be doing a post about candles where I will talk about these more in stay tuned :)

So this blog post is very lengthy and I still have more things to share with you!
So I'm going to post this one and then do a part two :)
Leave a comment below if you like what I bought and let me know if you have purchased anything recently :)
Hugs and Butterfly Kisses

Monday, 20 May 2013

Manicure Monday #3

Hello beautiful people :)
So I had a tough time deciding what I wanted to do with my nails this week.
I changed my mind about three times.
The first two options just didn't work and what I finally picked was very simple.

I just want to say there is a beautiful thunderstorm happening as I write this.
I'm normally quite scared of them, but there's a certain beauty about this one that is making me enjoy it.
Anyways back to my nails :)

Nice. Simple. Spring.
I decided on Sally Hensen's 340 Mint Sorbet.
Apparently, I only own Sally Hensen nail polish...I need to widen my nail polish brands.
This has been my favourite colour to wear during the summer for the past two years.
I am obsessed with this colour and this polish goes on so nicely!
Whenever I am deciding on what colour to paint my nails, I always end up picking up this one.

It's a perfect colour for both spring and summer.
I'll definitely be wearing this more than once this season.
My hands look much more tanned with this colour on.
Although they look quite white with the light shining on them, without it the tan is there.
I promise ;)
& because I haven't done much tanning yet, making it look like I have a tan is great :)

That's all for this post :)
Leave a comment below and let me know what your go to nail polish is for the spring and summer seasons :)
Hope you all had a fantastic day!
Hugs and Butterfly Kisses

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Is The Great Gatsby Really That Great?

Hello beautiful people :)
Just a few hours ago I was able to watch The Great Gatsby with my three best friends.
Reading this book in Grade 11 English was phenomenal.
I find myself enjoying majority of the books that we read in high school.
Although, I never really admitted it at the time, I really did enjoy The Great Gatsby.

When the previews of the film started showing, I wasn't that thrilled.
99% of the time when a book is turned into a film, I am disappointed.
I don't enjoy watching a film after reading the book because the book will always be better.
I just love all the description that is provided in the books and left out in most films.
Now I'm not saying that I don't enjoy the movies, all I am saying is that the books appeal more to me.

But once it hit the theatres and people that I knew started to watch it, it got me more excited.
My friends have been saying great things about the film.
I am easily persuaded, so hearing such great reviews encouraged me to go out and watch it. 
On my way to the theatre I was extremely excited and walking out of the theatre I'm a little confused...

I am so torn after watching this movie.
I really enjoyed it, but there are moments that really irritated me.
The top two things that I instantly fell in love with are the soundtrack for the film and the attention to detail.
The music isn't what I expected to be, so I was pleasantly surprised.
Each song suited the scene and it really helped create the feel of what was going on at the time. 
I'm definitely going to add those songs to my Ipod :)

From the outfits to the vocabulary and to the set, the 20's theme was definitely emphasized.
During the entire film, I felt like I was liking within their time period, which I love.
I really like when films pay attention to the detail because it pays off.
Gatsby's mansion fit the 20's feel from head to toe.
The amount of work that must have gone into that blows my mind.
The chandeliers really caught my attention, they were so beautiful especially when they light up.

The outfits were well put together.
Every single piece of clothing and accessories looked great.
Everything Daisy wore, I wish I could own.
The amount of crystals on her accessories made her look beautiful.
I love the headband that she wore when she attended Gatsby's party and the beautiful diamond ring on her finger.
Look at this beautiful design.
I want a ring like this one!

There are only two things that I have to say I wasn't too fond of.
I have never been a fan of Tobey Maguire.
I didn't like him in the Spiderman films, and I didn't like him in this one.
The fact that he narrated the film irritated me because I don't like his voice.
I don't find his voice enjoyable to listen to and that can really effect whether or not I like a film.
If someone else played Nick Carraway I would have enjoyed this twenty times more.

I also found that throughout the film the setting seemed very fake.
During certain scenes it looked very edited.
I don't like when I'm able to tell when there has been a lot of editing and altering done.
It takes away from the scene and I can't appreciate it as much.

But overall I love everything else.
I loved Daisy and each role minus Nick's was cast perfectly.
Everything was magnificent and I definitely recommend this film.
I give it a 4 star rating :)
Leave a comment below if you enjoyed this film :)
I hope you are all having a fabulous long weekend if you have one!
Hugs and Butterfly Kisses

Friday, 17 May 2013

Fancy Friday #2

Hello beautiful people :)
I hope you are all having a beautiful Friday!
I don't know if it's just me, but these weeks are flying by!
It's crazy to think about how fast this year is going!
Anyways, I'm ready to share with you the things that I've fancied this week :)

My first favourite is this beautiful creation!
Let's all just take a moment to embrace the beauty of this phone case.
I have an obsession with phone cases, I can never have enough.
I'm constantly changing them, but I'll be keeping this one on for a while.
I've been searching for a bedazzled phone case because I am in love with bedazzled things!
I love sparkles and glitter and everything girly!
(Yikes, I wasn't aware of how dirty my screen was...let's ignore that)
I am a very picky person.
When I have something in my head, I must find the product that matches it.
If I don't then I will look until I find it.
So when I wanted a bedazzled case, I knew that had to have pearls and it had to be pink.
Voila, perfection!

I found this case by accident.
I was in the mall, just leaving from a job fair and this caught my eye.
The moment I found it, I fell in love with it!
This is literally me in a phone case.
I couldn't walk away from it, I had to own this. 
This case was $25, which is great considering I saw some very cheap looking ones going for $45...
I love everything about this phone case!
It's beautiful, it's me, it's pink and it's sparkly! 

My next favourite is the Maybelline Baby Lips :)
I've heard so many people rave about this product and I started to wonder if it was really that great.
Everyone loved the EOS lip balms and I think they're awful.
So when I purchased this product, I was very skeptical of it.
I've had this one for about 3 weeks and I have used it every day.
I put it on in the mornings, underneath my lip stick and before I go to bed.
I love love LOVE this lip product.
My lips can get pretty dry and before I started using this product, they were really dry.
But since I've been using this my lips are twenty times better :)
They definitely hydrate them and they're a lot softer.

I don't like how a lot of lip balms feel on my lips and the way they taste if some of it gets into my mouth.
The texture of this balm is very smooth and glides on very easily :)
It also doesn't taste disgusting, so I don't gag when I accidentally eat some.
This product is definitely worth the hype and I recommend everyone to try this out!
This and the Burt's Bees lip balm are definitely my top two favourites.
I've also purchased a tinted lip balm when I bought this one, but I haven't been able to try that one out yet.
But with the results of this clear one, I'm sure I'll love the tinted one as well.

My Final and Music favourite of the week is Demi Lovato's new album titled Demi.
I have been a massive fan of Demi since she's starred in Camp Rock, despite the fact that everyone around me wasn't a fan of her in those movies.
I did enjoy her music more than her acting though, but she's definitely a better actress than majority of the Disney stars today.
Demi has an amazing voice and I could listen to her all day.
Her vocal range is amazing and very impressive.
I love the lyrics to all of her songs.

She is one of my biggest inspirations.
I wish that I had a voice like hers.
What I love the most about Demi is how unique she is.
When she sings you know it's her because her voice and her music are very different from everyone else's.
She seems to be very down to earth and real.
She doesn't try to be anyone but herself.
My respect and admiration for her grew when she went to rehab.
That time must have been really hard for her and the fact that she has come out stronger and better amazes me.
She is an excellent role model to many teenage girls and young women who are struggling.
 This album is my favourite one by her.
The music itself is amazing, but my favourite part are the lyrics.
She is amazing song writer and I love that her songs are personal.
My favourite song on her album is the last song called Warrior.
The lyrics are so strong and powerful.
I love that it shows her growth to becoming a better and stronger woman.
She sings about turning all the pain and hurt that she's experienced into experiences that have made her stronger.
The more I listen to this song, it sounds like she is talking about the media and all the paparazzi and being in the music industry.
She's telling everyone that she can't be hurt anymore.
She's tough and has grown a thicker skin.
She knows that she's experienced a lot, but she's not going to regret anything.
This song is perfect and gives me goosebumps.
The combination of the lyrics and her voice is what makes this song so powerful.

Well that is it for my Fancy Friday :)
Leave a comment down below, if you would like.
I'll talk to you guys soon!
Have a fabulous Friday,
Hugs and Butterfly Kisses