Wednesday, 26 June 2013

My Baby Brother is No Longer a Baby!!

Hello beautiful people :)
As many of you know, my little brother graduated from Grade 8 yesterday.
Two years ago my cousin and my best friend's little brother graduated from grade 8 and it didn't compare to my brother's graduation.
The age gap between my brother and I is five years, so I still see him as little, whereas my cousin acts closer to my age.
Not only was my brother graduating, but so was my cousin and my basically sister.

If you're asking why I keep calling her my basically sister, it's because her mom babysat me when I was little and I dance with her.
I spend so much time with her that she is family to my brother and I.
It was definitely something else watching them graduate.
I knew 90% of my brother's grade because they've grown up together and seeing all the guys in their suits and all the girls in their dresses made them look so old!
Last I remember they were tiny little things and suddenly they look like they are ready for high school.

I was happy to be involved in all three of their getting ready processes.
I helped my brother with his hair and did the girls' makeup.
Seeing their before and afters was amazing.
My brother looked handsome and the girls looked absolutely beautiful.
The gym was bloody hot and it was very full, so I started melting after 10 minutes.
But it was definitely worth it :)
I thought it would be nice if I shared some photos of the night with you all!
My brother all grown up!
What I was wearing :)
This is Kassie (my 'sister'), her brother was in the way
My brother getting his diploma
 My cousin Melanie getting her diploma
Kassie looked beautiful :)
I don`t know why Mel and I can`t take nice pictures together
Me with my two girls :)
Justin and Melanie! You can really tell they`re related here!
I just love my brother so much!

I really am a proud big sister!

The family!

Oh look! Mel and I can take a nice picture!

Us, dance girls, are supporting our little graduate!

We really are family!
Doing a big sister-little brother dance!
Last night was great and I wish the three of them the best of luck in high school :)
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Hugs and Butterfly Kisses

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