Friday, 24 May 2013

Beauty Review| Maybelline Lipsticks :)

Hello beautiful people :)
I hope you are all doing fantastic today!
I have decided to finally do my first beauty review!
With my current obsession with lipsticks, I figured reviewing lip products would be very fitting!
So today I am going to be sharing my thoughts on Maybelline lipsticks.
 I own two Maybelline lipsticks.
I hate one, but I love the other one.
The first one that I have here is the first one that I bought.
I bought this in October of 2011 because I needed it for a Halloween costume.

 This is Maybelline's Colour Sensational Lip Stain in 630 Red Revolution.
I love red lipstick.
But I need the right shade of red because some look quite ugly on my lips.
This one, however, looked really nice!
It's a rich shade of red.
I've only worn this twice and I've hated wearing it both times.

Maybelline claims that this lip stain has a crisper colour and a creamier feel because of the nourishing honey.
The pigmentation is great.
The colour on the lip stick does transfer to your lips quite brightly, so I won't complain about the colour.
But I will complain about how it's supposed to nourish my lips.

My lips can get really dry if I don't take care of them.
After wearing this lip product for a couple of hours, it takes days for lips to go back to normal.
This lipstick dries them out so quickly that it's hard to reapply it because you can tell how chapped my lips are.
It applies very nicely, but my lips peel for days after.
If I was to wear this again, I would definitely put on a lip balm before applying this.
The colour when I swatched it on the back of my hand
So overall, I love the colour and the pigmentation, I just hate how drying it is.
The next Maybelline lip stick that I have is part of their new line, which is Colour Sensational Vivids in 870 Shocking Coral.
I've had this one for about a month and I just love it.
Because I love Coral I wanted a nice Coral lipstick and this just the perfect colour for me.
The colour is so bright and when I put it on my lips, it is even brighter. 
I love how bright it is, this lipstick is perfect for a nice Summer or Spring day :)
This product provides you with vivid colour, which it does perfectly and the honey is supposed to nourish your lips.
Now, this lip stick doesn't dry my lips out quite like the other lip product above, but it still manages to do so.
It's easier for me to restore my lips after wearing this one, which is a plus.
So I don't know if they just changed the formula of this one.
The first time I wore it I didn't wear a lip balm underneath, so my lips were dry after that.
But ever since then I've been applying lip balm before and my lips rarely get dry.
**Tip of the day: Apply lip balm before wearing these lip products**
Look at that colour!

If you are looking for a nice coral colour, I recommend this one!
(Ignore the fact that it looks more pink in the picture, it doesn't look like that on the lips)
It's such a pretty shade and very girly.
The pigmentation is fantastic and it won't disappoint you!
It's easy to apply and it really brightens your lips.
Fantastic Product.

Overall, I much more impressed with this lip product than the first one.
Leave a comment below your experiences with Maybelline Lip Stains :)
Maybe I'm the only one that hates their normal line of lipsticks...
Hugs and Butterfly Kisses

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