Wednesday, 29 May 2013


Hello beautiful people :)
Yesterday was a fabulous day because Little Mix's Debut Album was finally released in the United States and Canada!
I am a massive fan of these girls and I was so excited when I finally bought the deluxe edition!
I've been counting down the days and now I haven't stopped listening to it!
It's been on repeat.
It's just too good to not listen to!
Why are they all so pretty!
There is not a single song on this album that I don't like.
Once I download it onto my lap top, the CD is going straight into my car so I can jam along to it all the time.
The songs are very catchy and I already know a lot of the lyrics.
All of their solos are amazing, but I will say that Perrie's voice always gives me goosebumps!
I love that their voices are so different and you can tell who is singing what part.

There is a mixture of different songs on their album.
There are songs like Wings, Stereo Soldier, How Ya Doin' and Love Drunk that are very upbeat, bubbly and easy to dance to.
If I'm listening to these songs in the car or in my room, life becomes a dance party!
It is impossible for me not to dance along and sing as loud as I can!
Then there are songs like Change Your Life, Always Be Together, We Are Who We Are and Make You Believe that make you happy and feel better about yourself.
Whether they have a faster tempo or a slower one it gives me a confidence boost.
These songs make me smile and will be the songs that I will listen to if I'm having a bad day.
& Finally there are songs such as Pretend It's Ok, Turn Your Face and Going Nowhere that have a slower tempo and are definitely more emotional.
These songs are more about dealing with boy problems and songs that teenage girls can listen to when having boy troubles.
When the girls since these songs, the emotion becomes twenty times better.
It's like you can hear the pain through their voices.
I love it.
I also want to add that I love the inside of the case with all the pictures.
They still manage to look so pretty even though the pictures are goofy.
To me, the inside shows their fans who they really are and that they are just as goofy.
I love seeing moments like that and this photoshoot looks like it was so much fun!
I just can't wait to hear more from Little Mix.
& I'm waiting for the day they come to Canada because I want to see them live so bad!

I hope you guys are having a great day!
Leave a comment below if you're a Mixer and have their CD.
I would love to know what your favourite songs are on the album!
Hugs and Butterfly Kisses

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