Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Today's Outfit Choice :)

Hello beautiful people :)
Today I'm heading off to a job fair and I thought that I would show you my OOTD :)
I'm actually really loving my choice today!
I am in love with this dress and I wore it all last summer!
I bought it from H&M for $20, I believe :) 
It's definitely gotten a little shorter, but it covers what needs to be covered!
I love the floral print and the gathering at the top. 

The blazer I got from Forever 21.
I actually used this as a dance costume two years ago for my tap duet. 
This was $20 as well, which is an absolute bargain because the quality is great and a lot of blazers are over the $50 mark. 
This blazer is very comfy and doesn't restrict my arms at all. 

For shoes I will be wearing simple, black ballet flats from Spring. 
As for accessories, I am wearing a bedazzled music note necklace given to me for Christmas, my White Links London bracelet and my pink, leather Pandora bracelet. 

I really love this outfit because it's not extremely formal and dressy. 
The dress is very summery and girly and then the blazer dresses it up, making it look more professional and formal :)

Well I Hope you all enjoyed my OOTD
have a fabulous Tuesday!
Hugs and Butterfly Kisses

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