Thursday, 23 May 2013

It's Time for Another Haul :)

Well hello there beautiful people!
I feel like I haven't blogged in a while, which makes me sad.
The past couple of days have been pretty busy because I've been spending all the money that I shouldn't be spending.
Wahoo for smart choices ;)

So the title of this post implies that I did some shopping over the last few days.
And when I say some shopping, I mean more than I should have done.
After these shopping days, I am literally refusing to use my debit or credit card for about a month.
I seriously need to learn how to save money.
Being on a student budget is just so hard.

I bought quite a few things over the last couple of days, so I'm going to jump right into it. :)
My first day of shopping I went with the family because my brother was looking for a suit for his confirmation this week and I needed a dress to wear because I'm a sponsor for my cousin.
(If you're not Catholic and you're wondering what on earth I'm talking about, don't ask because I don't even understand it myself, hehe)
I bought three wonderful things that day, my sponsor dress being one of them.
Ouu la la!
This is the dress that I will be wearing this weekend for the confirmation event.
I wanted a dress that would make me look mature, but still really cute.
I found this lovely dress at Forever 21 for $18, booya!
I love the peplum style because it makes my waist look tiny and it covers up the area that I am most insecure about. 
I really like the black and white Aztec design. 
The length of the dress is perfect, it's not too long and it's not too short.
This isn't something that I would normally wear, so I'm enjoying that I love it so much!
It really flatters my body and I feel great wearing it :)

Ouu Maxi Dress time
(Okay, so the way I am standing makes my body look deformed here. Don't judge me)
This summer all I want to wear are dresses because they are so girly and fun and very easy to wear.
So, I have been slowly building up my summer dress collection and now I can add this one to it! Yay!
I found this at Bluenotes for $10, what?!
When I first saw this, I was very skeptical because of the horizontal stripes and I was just like "I'm going to look fat" "I'm going to look short" "life is going to hate me"
(Wow, look at me being optimistic, haha)
But my mom forced me to try it on and I was so shocked when I saw myself in the mirror.
I loved it!
I love the colour and just the way it fits and it is so comfortable to wear.
I wore it today and it does make me look a little wider at the hips, but I don't mind that.
Buying more maxi dresses is definitely on my list for my next summer shopping spree :)

The last item that I purchased that day was from Lush.
It is the first thing that I have bought from the store and I'm really happy about it!
It's the Lush Lip Scrub in Mint Tulip.
This tiny thing was $10.95, yikes.
It is used to exfoliate your lips and because it is made from sugar and oil you can lick it right off when you're done.
I've only used this a few times but I'm liking the results.
After I use it for a longer period of time, I will definitely do a review for you guys and let you know if it is worth the price :)
But as of right now, it is doing it's job and leaves my lips smoother than before.
I like it!

The next batch of purchases all happened between yesterday and today.
My best friend and I stupidly went shopping.
Shopping by myself is dangerous enough, but shopping with her is even worse.
I can't go shopping with all of my friends, and she just happens to be the one that I do serious damage with.
Yesterday, our main focus was Urban Planet and the mall.
I found some really nice things at Urban Planet that I love :)
Here they are!
Denim vest with studs?! What!!
I've been looking for a denim jacket and how I bought a denim vest, I have no idea.
I have never been the girl to wear something like this especially with studs.
But I tried it on and I just loved it!
It fit me perfectly and I knew that I would be nice to wear over corset tops, summer dresses and shirts.
This, I believe, was $15.
I'm in love with it and I know I will be wearing this a lot this summer.
Floral print, preeetttyyyy!
 The whole corset and belly tops are very in this season.
I hate my stomach and I don't like flaunting it, but I am very into high waisted bottoms, so I figure pairing these tops with high waisted shorts or skirts wouldn't be so bad.
I bought this as a tester, to see if I would like wearing this out.
I really like it!
It isn't too small and the shape of the top hugs my body properly.
I've tried on other tops in this style and they just look so wrong on me.
I also love the floral print on this top.
I'm really into floral clothing as well.
So this shirt was just perfect for me!
This was $12.50 which again isn't too bad.
 This was my last purchase at Urban Planet from yesterday.
I love mint green.
I love mint green nail polish.
I love mint green clothing.
When I saw this dress, I had to try it on and the fact that it was only $15 made it even better.
I love the t-shirt top and the lace over lay.
Because the skirt starts to flare just at my hips, it accentuates my waist once again, making me look smaller than normal.
This dress is also the perfect length and I love the skater skirt.
It's very summery and I love how it flows.
My favourite part of this dress is the opening in the back.
In the picture above, I think it makes me look smaller because of the shape of the opening, but then again I could just be crazy!
Why I bought candles? I don't know..
Oh because the packaging was pretty.
 After going to Urban Planet, my friend and I drove down to the mall.
I had to buy a gift for my cousin and she had to buy a birthday present.
We entered Bath and Body Works because she was buying the present there and it had to be the biggest mistake.
I love candles and the Bath and Body Work candles always suck me in.
I bought two a few weeks before, so I really didn't need more but of course I still walk out with two.
They were going for 2 for $25.50 and I got London Calling and Paris Daydream.
They both smell so wonderful and I love the lids of these candles, look how cute they are!
I'm going to be doing a post about candles where I will talk about these more in stay tuned :)

So this blog post is very lengthy and I still have more things to share with you!
So I'm going to post this one and then do a part two :)
Leave a comment below if you like what I bought and let me know if you have purchased anything recently :)
Hugs and Butterfly Kisses

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