Thursday, 23 May 2013

It's Time for Another Haul-- Part Two :)

Hello again my beautiful people :)
So here is part two of my haul!
In this post there will be the products that I bought from Walmart and anything that I bought today.
To begin I will start with the Walmart products.

I bought St. Ives Apricot Scrub.
I'm still using my True Blue Spa exfoliating scrub, but it's running low.
I bought this one to try once I'm finished my other product and also because it was on sale for $3.27.
It's oil free and non-irritating.
This is used to reveal smooth and radiant skin.
I'm excited to use this soon to see if it's a good product because it is a lot cheaper than the True Blue Spa scrub, which is around $13.
I own a fair amount of make-up, but I lack in make-up brushes.
I hate spending a lot of money on make-up brushes, so I wanted to find some that were at a reasonable price.
I watch a lot of beauty YouTube channels and a lot of them rave and rant about the Real Techniques brushes and how good they are.
Curious, I decided to buy it, I've already used all of the brushes and I love them!
The brushes are soft on your face and they apply the make-up very nicely!
Each kit was $18.28, which is pretty darn good considering the quality and the amount of brushes that you are getting!
It's a great starter kit, which is exactly what I need.
I recommended these to my best friend and she went to go by the package on the right.
So hopefully, she loves it as much as I do :)
What a cute little fellow!
The last thing I bought at Walmart is Essie's Apricot Cuticle Oil Treatment.
(Damn, what's with me and buying apricot products)
Again, one of my favourite YouTubers mentioned this in her video and said that it works wonders.
I have really bad cuticles because I pick at them all the time.
It's such a bad habit and I do it when I'm stressed out, which is a lot of the time. 
I bought this in hopes to repair my cuticles
It smells really good and it has to be applied twice a day for the best results, which I have yet to do.
So I have to get into a routine with this product to make sure that it does it job!

Today, my best friend and I (the same best friend) went back to Urban Planet because we are crazy.
When we went yesterday we didn't get a chance to look at everything, so we wanted to go back to see if there was anything else that we liked. 
& Of course we found more things.
More floral?! Surprise, surprise
 I love these floral print shorts.
Oops pardon me, hot pants according to the label.
I love the pastel pink and all of the flowers.
They fit really nicely, the waist doesn't dig into my sides and it just covers my bum.
When I wear these shorts I do have to be careful when I bend over...hehe
These shorts were $10, but I was hesitant to get these because I am really bad with pairing shirts with patterned bottoms.
It's a challenge for me, but I want to get better at it over the summer.
I really want to challenge and push the limits to the way I dress this season :)
Oh goodness, I didn't realize this had floral print as well...
This t-shirt, my friend saw yesterday and I just kind of looked past it.
But I saw it today and decided to try it on.
It's very loose fitted, but I love it.
The back is entirely lace which will be great on hot summer days.
I love the peach colour and the Union Jack in the middle surrounded by floral print.
This shirt has all three of my favourite things: lace, the Union Jack and floral print.
This was $10 and I can't wait to start wearing it!
I will have to be careful though because the material is quite thin, so I don't want it to get ruined easily because I love it too much.
New York, concrete jungle where dreams are made of!
& Finally, my last purchase!
I love this top and I can't wait to wear it with my disco pants that I will be getting in the near future (on my next shopping spree haha)
This tank has very loose arm holes and is quite baggy on me.
Love it!
The front of the shirt ends at my hips, but the back ends underneath my bum
I really love the design on the front.
New York is in my Top 5 of favourite places, so I had to get this the moment I saw it.
When I wear this shirt I will have to wear a bandoo under because the arm holes are quite big.
I just love everything about this shirt and this was also $10 :)

So that concludes my haul...finally!
Don't be afraid to leave a comment down below :)
I'd appreciate it!
Hugs and Butterfly Kisses

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