Friday, 9 August 2013

Toronto Haul :)

Hello beautiful people :)
Time for another haul!
Stephanie and I have filmed a haul and are still preparing to upload it to our YouTube channel, but I will let you know when it's up!

So a few weeks ago, I spent the afternoon in Toronto with my gorgeous best friend, Madison!
I vlogged for my first time there and if you haven't seen it yet, you can watch it HERE
I didn't shop a lot, but I figured it's still worth writing a post about it!

 My first purchase was from Garage!
It's a light beige, knitted cardigan.
It was $40.00 but absolutely worth the price!
It's pretty long, ending mid thigh and the sleeves are three quarter length.
It's light enough to wear in the summer and still warms me up!
 I cannot explain how much I love flower crowns!
I think they are so cute and girly!
When I pair the right outfit with this head band, I feel great!

I got this flower head band from Forever 21!
It was around $7.00
I didn't think I could pull off the larger flowers, but I really like them!
& they are pink!!
This shirt sums up my attitude!
How could I not buy this?!
I got this cropped top from Brandy Melville (which is becoming one of my favourite stores!)
The shirt was either $12 or $18...but I'm pretty sure it was $12.
The material is extremely soft and tight fitting!
I love everything about this shirt!
My last purchase was a make-up purchase!
I got an eyeshadow from MAC to fill in my eyebrows!
It's Mystery Satin and it's the perfect colour for my brows!
I actually used it for a smokey eye today and it looked great!
Fantastic colour!

So ladies and gents that is everything for my haul!
I hope you enjoyed it!
I will chat with you all very soon!
Come and follow me on BlogLovin' & I will shower you in my love!
But for now...
Hugs and Butterfly Kisses

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