Monday, 26 August 2013

Pretty Little Liars #2: Hanna Marin

Hello beautiful people :)
Here comes episode 2 of my Pretty Little Liars series!
Today all the attention is on my favourite character, Hanna Marin.

My friends and I have this dorky thing that we like to do; we assign characters that resemble us the most in shows and movies that we all love.
In this case, my friends think I relate to Hanna!
I am totally fine with that because she is stunning and I admire her style.

If I could rock this outfit, this is the only thing I would wear!
This outfit is very bold.
The red disco pants bring a lot of attention to Ashley Benson's legs.
Luckily, she can rock the disco pants and they flatter her. 
To make sure the outfit isn't too over the top, the rest of Hanna's clothing is simple with neutral colours. 
The white coloured, printed shirt pairs nicely with the leggings and the leather jacket ties in the black, high top wedges. 
Even without the black leather jacket, this outfit is very suitable for the day.
Finally, the high top wedges look great with the disco pants.

This is one of the few casual outfits that we see Hanna wearing.
I think that's why I love it so much!
I, also, love that adding a leather jacket can completely change the look of the entire outfit.
This look is classy and very different from the first choice!
I don't think this is a school outfit, but it would be appropriate for meetings or office jobs.
Every item is a solid colour.
The colour scheme is very neutral, with the exception of the salmon colour skirt.
It brightens the entire outfit.
The grey blazer swoops down at the back and has a straight fit.
But the high waisted skirt with the thick black band shows Ashley's figure.
The long, thin silver necklace adds enough bling without over doing it.

Hanna looks very mature in this outfit.
She looks clean and sophisticated!
Time to dress it up..literally!
I love floral dresses, so I can't ignore the fact that Hanna is wearing one now!
This white floral dress with the thick blue belt gives Hanna an innocent look.
The combination of colours on the dress and the blue belt and cardigan make this look perfect for the spring or summer time. 
Although, the thick belt makes Ashley look a lot smaller, I would prefer the look without it. 
I think it's too large for her body and it takes away from the dress.
The dress can still be flattering without it. 
I do like the blue cardigan, it covers Hanna's shoulders, giving it a modest look.
Everything is covered and makes her look respectable.
& The Best for last!
How can you not love this dress?
Every little detail about this dress is so beautiful!
Ashley looks like a princess!

The mixture of white and gold has an angelic and magical look.
The corset top hugs Ashley's body nicely.
With the skirt starting low on her waist, her hips are accentuated.
But because the dress falls to the floor, her hips don't look too large.
The shape of this dress shows off Ashley's tiny waist and upper body. 
The flower crown adds to the princess look!
This dress is absolutely stunning!

As much as I love Hanna's style, it's not something I could wear to school all the time.
She's able to rock it and her style fits in with her lifestyle.
She definitely dresses more business like and sophisticated compared to Emily.
Although, very different, they rock each and every outfit!

That's all for Episode #2!
The third part will come tomorrow.
So stay tuned :)
Leave a comment below and let me know if you are a fan of Hanna Marin's style!
Hugs and Butterfly Kisses

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