Thursday, 8 August 2013

Road Trip Essentials!

Hello beautiful people :)
How are you guys doing?
I've had an exhausting couple of days here in Washington DC.
I don't know if I've shared with you, but my family and I have escaped the land of moose and igloos Tuesday afternoon to come to Washington.
My aunt lives down here, so we're staying with her for the rest of the week!

It was a 10 hour drive and one that I dreaded, but was very excited for.
Confusing isn't it?
I love road trips, I love the concept of road trips!
But I reach a limit of the amount of hours I can spend in the car.
I can get really antsy and the time starts to drag on!

Fortunately, the trip flew by and it was great!
I had the entire back seat row to myself and I created a little bed. I had my pillow and my blanket.
Mr. Penguin enjoyed the ride with me and I had my laptop sitting on my lap!

Since I love road trips so much, I thought I would share with you some of my road trip essentials!
So I have 11 items that I must have with me!
1. A blanket- having a blanket makes me feel a lot more comfortable during the drive and comfort is very important to me.
2. Mr. Penguin- I like to snuggle with my stuffed animal...don't judge me.
3. Movies- I love watching movies! It makes the time go by faster! I have Peter Pan, Tangled, Pitched Perfect and many many more!
4. Magazines- they are easy reads when I'm in the car! I have One Direction's cover of Glamour and the September issue of Seventeen
5. Books- if I don't get too car sick, I'll read in the car! Here, I have Eleanor and Park...which I'm loving a lot!
6. Journal- I love writing and I need my journal to write down anything interesting that I want to remember.
7. Pens- if I have my journal, I need pens to write...duh!
8. Hair ties- sometimes having my hair down becomes a pain when I'm in the car for a long time. Having hair ties available allows me to just throw my hair up when I need to.
9. Headphones- I don't like listening to the radio, so being able to listen to my own music is great! It also helps me sleep in the car.
10. deodorant- I need this just in case I get a little smelly! Hehe!
11. Hand cream- I can't stand dry hands and I will not stand dry hands in the car for a long time. I must moisturize.

There it is, I have made my list :)
Having all of these things definitely made the ride much more enjoyable!
Leave a comment below and let me know what you need to have if you're going on a road trip!
Hugs and Butterfly Kisses

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