Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Pretty Little Liars #3: Spencer Hastings

Hello beautiful people :)
So tonight is the night!
Tonight is the Summer Finale for PLL!
Unfortunately, I work and I'm unable to watch it!
But I guess it's good because I'm a little behind, so I have to catch up!

Since today is the finale, I couldn't not do another episode!
So today we look into Spencer Hastings' closet!
As the seasons have progressed, I have become more fond of Spencer's outfits.
It may be because my fashion sense has changed, but I am definitely a bigger fan of her clothes than I was during Season 1.

This outfit is definitely toned down, compared to her usual outfits. 
But I love this simple look on Spencer.
Up close, the white sweater may look a little tacky but from a distance I love it!
The large dip of the little people adds beautiful detail to the neckline of this sweater.
The brown elbow patches add an imperfect look.
It gives the sweater a cozier feel.
The warm colours tone down the white fabric.

The jeans help make it look casual and I am in love with her oxford shoes!
It's a little touch of Spencer Hastings!
Since the outfit is so simple and casual, the oxford shoes are very much Hasting-esuqe! 

Here's Western Spencer!
She is rocking the denim on denim!
I love shirts with cut out shoulders.
(I am currently wearing one as I type this)
You're showing a bit a skin without looking trashy!
It's like a classy sexy!
The cut out shoulders with the rolled up sleeves has a very relaxed looked.
The black denim pants are worn with a large buckle belt, which in my opinion is the reason why this looks very western!

 Here is our classic Spencer!
Looking very professional.
It's clear in the show that Spencer is very hardworking and very academic.
So it makes sense that her style matches that.
The violet button up top paired with the brown blazer gives a very academic look.
I like how she has her collar tucked underneath her blazer and her shirt is rolled over top of the blazer's sleeves.

To keep this outfit appropriate for someone who is still in high school, wearing jeans rolled at the ankle tones it down.
It's not as professional as it would be with dress pants. 
Here she is again rocking her brown oxfords.
What I think is so great about this outfit is that it looks comfortable whilst giving off an academic, business-like vibe.

This floor length dress looks absolutely gorgeous on Spencer.
Spencer's tiny body is usually hiding underneath all of her clothes, but this dress shows off her beautiful figure!
This peach colour dress is very flattering against Spencer's fair skin.
The beige belt, wraps around Spencer showing off her tiny body.
The combination of the belt and the length of the dress really compliments Spencer's tiny and long frame!
Since the dress is very simple, Spencer's stylist adds very minimal accessories.
Besides a watch and a bracelet, she has a long very simple necklace around her neck.
With her loose curls, Spencer looks perfect for a Summer's day!

Four very different looks from the Hastings' closet!
Leave a comment below and let me know which outfit of Spencer's is your favourite!
I do not know when the final episode of the PLL fashion series will be up!
But it will be posted before next Tuesday!
I will leave you now with Spencer's preppy style!
I hope you enjoyed it!
Hugs and Butterfly Kisses

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  1. Loved your series chummy! Spencer's clothes are my favourites :) xx