Wednesday, 17 July 2013


Hello beautiful people :)
How are all of you doing?
Today is another personal and reflective post.
I need to write about this.

Yesterday, I met with a really good friend of mine. 
I haven't seen her in a while and we knew it was time for a good catch up.
Like, always we picked Starbucks for our destination.
It was a perfect day for us to sit on the patio with our drinks and sweets.
Madison is one of the few friends that I can have a great, in-depth conversation with and I just love talking to her.
In the past, we've come to a conclusion that the two of us are very similar, but it wasn't until our little date yesterday that I realized we are pretty much the same person.
The only difference is our taste in men, which works out perfectly in this friendship ;)

We arrived at Starbucks at noon and talked so much that before we knew it, it was already 6 p.m.
I was both shocked and pleased.
Shocked because it didn't feel like we were there for 6 hours and pleased because our conversations were so lovely.

Our conversations varied from boys to school to One Direction to Little Mix to our blogs and YouTube Channels and finally to the future.
The future is a scary concept for me and I hate not knowing that the future has in store. 
Our conversations were funny, serious, intense but most importantly INSPIRATIONAL.
When I got home, I felt so inspired and happy.
I haven't had a conversation with anybody to this extent in a while and I think finally being able to just talk about everything with someone I trust really helped my mood.

I woke up very cheerful and I can honestly say it's because of yesterday.
Madison is just so inspirational.
We have some of the same goals, goals that we really want to achieve.
Except, I do an excellent job at talking myself out of achieving those goals.
Talking to Madison made me realize that I need to stop doing that.
If I keep doing this, I'm going to be accumulating regrets and that's something I don't want.
When I'm older, I want to be able to look back on my life and be satisfied with it because I made an honest effort to achieve everything.

The point of this entire thing is to find those people who inspire you and keep them around.
Everyone needs that inspiration.
I know I need it.
It makes me happy and reminds me not to be scared.
I can't stress this enough, once you find those good friends in your life, keep them close and don't let go of them.
Having great, positive and happy people in your life will make a massive difference.
I know this and I'm not lying when I say it's true.

The beautiful Madison has an awesome blog.
Check her out!
Her blog is called Glitter and Gold
It's beautiful, just like she is!

Hugs and Butterfly Kisses

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  1. sorry to get you excited.. it's just me;) thank you for the sweet words my lovely! xoxox