Friday, 17 January 2014

10 Things That Make Me Happy

Hello beautiful people!
This week has been a great week!
It's very refreshing to have a good week after being in a really bad slump.
I find myself slipping into slumps quite frequently and it doesn't take much to upset me.
So, overtime I have compiled a few things that are guaranteed to make me feel better. 
Anytime I'm going through a tough time I always work through my list and so far it has worked every single time.

  1. My friends- either spending time with my friends or talking to them helps a lot. It's nice knowing that they're there for me and are willing to help me through my problems.
  2. Going to the gym- ever since I've started working out, I have found my stress level to be so low. Any time I'm stressed or upset about anything, let me go to the gym for an hour and I will walk out feeling a lot better.
  3. Writing in my journal or Blogging- I always do this at night. I'll sit in my bed and either write in my journal or make a blog post. Writing in my journal really helps put things in perspective for me and making a blog just releases my stress.
  4. YouTube- Watching my favourite YouTubers always puts a smile on my face. I'll sit in my room watching their latest videos and it distracts me from my problems.
  5. Watching my favourite movies- I will always pull out Disney or Harry Potter films and lately This Is Us. To have those few hours watching the movies that make me the happiest is such a good way to pick myself up.
  6. Shopping- if I've been in a slump for a while, I'll go to the mall and do some retail therapy.
  7. Baths- After a stressful day. I'll start up a bath, using whatever bath bomb I chose from Lush. I'll light up some candles, put on some music and grab the book I'm currently reading. I'll jump in the bath with a face mask and dive into my book. The ultimate relaxation.
  8. A cup of tea
  9. If I'm just upset because of a boy then eating helps. Haha, I'm such a girl. But in certain situations eating my sorrows away does help.
  10. Removing myself from social media- there are times when I just need to be by myself and away from anything. So I'll turn my phone off and not touch my laptop to give me some time away from Twitter, Instagram etc. Removing technology away for a bit is refreshing and helps to clear my mind.
So there you have it!
10 Things that make me happy!
Everyone should have a list of things that they can turn to, to make them happy!
Hugs and Butterfly Kisses

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