Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Birthday! :)

Hello beautiful people!
Yesterday was my 19th birthday and here in Ontario, it means that I am finally legal!
Woot, woot!
I just wanted to share with you a few pictures from my birthday dinner with my family!
 I started off the day with a Birthday selfie!
I couldn't resist!
I woke up in a great mood, I mean c'mon I was finally 19!
 At dinner, I enjoyed a nice peach Bellini at Milestones!
Man this tasted so good!
I couldn't taste the alcohol and I definitely wouldn't mind drinking this all night!
& look at that cute little green monkey hanging out!
I'm just enjoying my drink!

 The best part of my birthday was definitely having my mom home!
She's been gone for 2 weeks visiting her mom and she made it back in time for my birthday!
Yes...I know we look like sisters!
It gets to my mom's head hehe
 Our appetizers!
The cesear salad and spinach dip was delicious!
My main meal!

A little birthday surprise for me

 This dessert is so simple, but it tasted like heaven!
It was cookies with vanilla ice cream!
But the cookies were so moist and chewy and chocolate...
ooo, my mouth is watering just talking about it!
Here is my birthday outfit!
Dress: Topshop
Wristlet: Coach
Shoes: Payless

Overall, my day was pretty great!
Nothing, huge but it was nice :)
I just wish I was in a better mood, I was in a slump and I have no idea why!
But the big event is coming Friday!
I'm going out for dinner with my friends and then we're going out!
I will make sure to take lots of pictures so I can share them with you all!
Hugs and Butterfly Kisses

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